5 Traits of An Effective Auto Detailing Website Design


Having an effective auto detail website is one of the best ways to grow your auto detailing business. You’ve built your client base on word-of-mouth and at some point you’re wondering,” I’ve seen in detail groups like Detailing for Money that other detailers have a kick-ass website that getst them business, but how the heck do they do it!?”

Truth be told,  a lot of guys are just trying to sound like they know what they’re doing and most likely don’t have the formula for success. What works in one city might not work in another city.

If you’re building a new site or wondering why your current site is not performing well, this article is for you. Through hundreds of hours of building detail sites and analyzing what really made a difference in generating leads, we came up with these 5 traits:

1. Good Design / Branding

Design fundamentals are key to starting an effective website the right way! That includes Typography, Branding, Consistency in Colors, and even shapes. Good design is accomplished by the “less is more” concept in which you are able to incorporate all of the things you want on each page without overwhelming the user with information, colors, etc. A big part of design for detailing sites is photography and video. I recommend you invest at least 1 every quarter in photography for your detailing business to help create an online presence that matches your quality on-the-job. The last thing you want to do is blend in and just be another detailer in your city.

Here are 3 examples of a Good Design in detail websites:

auto detailing web design for newport ca shopauto detailing web design for indiana shopauto detailing web design for florida detailer

2. Compelling Content / Verbiage

Okay, so you did a good job of getting people to your website with Good Design but it’s not getting any leads WHAT THE HECK MAN! It’s mind blowing how many times I’ve re-designed websites that brought in lots of traffic and looked really good. Good design without compelling content is one of the #1 ways to waste money on an auto detail site. So, what does it mean to have compelling verbiage? It’s better if I give you examples so you can make some changes after reading this.

Interior detailing example:

Bad: We provide the highest quality interior auto detailing in los angeles for affordable prices.

Good: Driving your car should be a good experience. Part of that depends on a clean and organized interior. We provide thorough interior detailing to help you create travel that’s enjoyable. View our interior detailing packages by clicking here.

Ceramic Coating example:
Bad: We offer nano-ceramic Gtechniq coatings that are and have 9h hardness and self cleaning properties. Get a free quote today.

Good: Would you like to add unmatched shine and protection to your vehicle? Our ceramic coatings provide a sacrificial layer on top of your clear coat that repels water and grime making your vehicle easier to clean. The clear layer has a hardness of 9H which is 2 times stronger than your average clear coat. View our coating packages or get a free quote today.

The bad statements focus on ME ME ME, Look at how good of a detailer I am, Look at how we carry the best brands in coatings.

The good statements focus on the pain points & desires of the consumer. They relate to them and use a psychological approach to compel them to learn more or inquire. The good statements also focus on the benefits instead of the features.

3. Social Credibility

This is by far the most simple one and easiest. Having testimonials specific to each service goes a long way in getting people to inquire. Having general reviews is okay too but I recommend having ceramic coating testimonials and images under the ceramic coating section of your site.
Create a page for Reviews or Testimonials on your site and link to it throughout your services.

This makes it clear that you’ve been trusted with other people who had a similar need and they recommend you! Adding yelp review badges, facebook average rating (assuming it’s 5 stars) in your footer goes a long way.

4. Actionable Analytics

How do you know what is right and what is wrong with your website? You might have Google Analytics on your site but do you know how to leverage that data into practical website updates? Here is the #1 area that will change the game for your detail website.

1. Conversion tracking: Having tracking in place that tells you when your website has successfully turned a visitor into a lead. This can be accomplished through Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics. Once this is set up, you’ll be able to see where your leads are coming from and how all channels are doing in terms of conversion rates. Here are some examples of what the data can look like for you.

Ceramic Coating Conversion Tracking January 1 – January 31, 2020:

I got this client 56 leads and you can see on the left column where they came from and what the conversion rate for each channel was. Based off this we know that most channels that are bringing in traffic are doing a good job so our marketing is solid.

Paint Protection Film Conversion Tracking January 1 – January 31, 2020

I got this client 13 PPF / Clear bra leads and you can see that most of them came directly to the site or through Google ads. We can see that Facebook only brought in 1 and we need to work on that.

5. Speed

How long does it take your website to load when someone visits it? 1, 5, 10 seconds?  It should take your website no more than 3 seconds to load according to Google’s best practices. You can find out how long it takes by using Google’s speed tool or a 3rd party tool that I like called GTMETRIX.

Remember this, a successful website includes high-level Design, Marketing & Sales. A website is a part of a sales team. If your sales guy was not selling a single detail, ppf job, or coating, you would fire him in a heartbeat. I am a detailer with industry wisdom and I’ve now turned that into a web design and branding business just for detailers who are serious about their business and getting the best results online. Get a free web design quote today: https://thefeelmarketing.com/auto-detail-web-design/

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